Affordable. Secure. Portable.

Remote monitoring is within your reach.

Affordable: EAGLEi Remote Monitoring from Phoenix Contact allows you to cost effectively automate data gathering and condition monitoring of your distributed assets, without the large capital investment required of traditional SCADA systems. No software to buy or patch. No radio towers to build. No servers to buy, and maintain.


Secure: EAGLEi is built to be secure. Each EAGLEi RTU contains a Phoenix Contact mGuard, an industrially rugged stateful firewall, VPN device and cellular modem. The mGuard connects to a private Verizon cellular network which is not accessible over the internet. Data is stored in a secure data center with enterprise-class servers, cyber security, and UPS and generator backed-up power supply. Access to your data is password protected, with individual rights for each user.


Portable: You are not tied down to your control room. Data is available wherever there is an internet connection and a device with a supported web browser. Tablets, smartphones, as well as laptops and servers can all access the EAGLEi secure portal. Alarms can be sent via email or text to those who are on call.