Terms Of Use


The EagleiData.com Application is meant to assist owners of large and small process control and monitoring networks to view their instrumentation devices via a web portal at any time and from any place that has an internet connection. It is not meant to be a substitute for a properly designed and implemented locally-operated monitoring and control system.

Eaglei is not responsible in any way for local field devices or process control computer or computing devices that may interface with the Eaglei Application. The overall process control of any subscriber's local systems are the responsibility of the subscriber.

Eaglei is not responsible for errors in data transmission and subsequent storage of any invalid data received from any remote devices. It is the subscriber's responsibility to verify the integrity of all data sent to the Eaglei database. Corrections to invalid or incorrect data sent to the Eaglei database may be requested to be corrected by the subscriber. All corrections to existing data are subject the hourly rates in place by Eaglei at the time the corrections are requested.

The data sent to the Eaglei database by a subscriber is captured by the Eaglei database via a Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), which consists of various individual components that communicate with the Eaglei database via the Internet (through a dedicated Verizon portal) and the subscriber's local computers and/or field devices. The RTU is manufactured by Phoenix Contact and activated/configured by Eaglei. The field connections to the RTU must be made by a qualified electrician in conjunction with an approved process control systems integrator. The integrator is responsible for ensuring all connections between the RTU and field devices are in compliance with the current edition of all governing jurisdictions' electrical and safety codes as well as all requirements and recommendations of all field device system manufacturers. Improper connections to an RTU that cause damage to the subscriber's field devices are not the responsibility of Eaglei. The RTU manufacturer’s recommendations for all power, communications and signal connections must be read and understood before energizing or attempting to activate any RTU. Eaglei accepts no responsibility for personnel injury, or damage to the subscriber's equipment, due to failure to comply with the field device or RTU manufacturer's recommendations, or local code requirements.

Power or communications failures at the subscriber's Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) are not the responsibility of Eaglei. In the event of a communications failure between the RTU and the Eaglei database, the RTU will attempt to store data locally as long as possible. When communications are restored, all available locally stored data will be delivered to the database. If the RTU's local data storage capacity is exceeded during the communications failure, some data may be lost and irretrievable. Eaglei accepts no responsibilty for loss of data due to power or communications failures at an RTU, or at any of the subscriber's field devices.



Delinquent subscriber accounts will be deactivated 5 calendar days after the due date of the subscription payment; Eaglei will stop accepting data from any Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) associated with the subscriber’s account. Eaglei is not responsible for any data lost as a result of a delinquent account.

When an account is deactivated due to non-payment, restoration of data logging, after any past-due amounts have been paid, may take up to 5 business days from the date of the account is reinstatement.

All subscriptions must be paid in advance regardless of the payment plan requested.

Standard payment plans are Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly. Any other payment plan must be previously negotiated and agreed to by Eaglei. The start date of all payment plans is the day the Remote Terminal Unit is activated.