Simple. Just power with 120vAC, connect the I/O you want to monitor, and enter your site information on the EAGLEi portal.


Secure. The EAGLEi RTU connects to a private Verizon cellular network that is not accessible over the internet. The modem inside the panel is the mGuard industrially rugged firewall, router, VPN appliance.


Flexible. The EAGLEi RTU features:


8 digital inputs (selectable 24vdc or 120vac).


4 digital outputs with wide voltage range.


4 analog inputs (0-20 or 4-20mA).


Because EAGLEi is based on a full PLC, your local integrator can add IO, and enhance the functionality of EAGLEi (turn it into a pump controller, for example).

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